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Frequently Asked Questions

As questions come up along the way, we're here to answer them. If at any point you're unsure how to access, utilize, or get the most out of a feature, our FAQs can help.
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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know this program will work for my needs and conditions?

Our program is driven by registered dietitians who are clinically trained in medical nutrition therapy to treat all conditions with nutrition. Unlike many "one-size-fits-all" programs, we take a personalized approach to understand who you are and what you're looking to accomplish and then develop a plan just for you. We've seen numerous clinical outcomes amongst our 1.5M members with diseases like diabetes, obesity, and high cholesterol. We're confident we can offer the support you need.

We work on your schedule. Whether you are available to meet once a week or once a month, we'll be here. We develop a plan that is specific to you so whether you have a goal to reach in one month or six, we can create a plan to help you get there.

How can nutrition support preventative care?

Our bodies keep score of every meal we've eaten over our lifetime and it is never too early to ensure those meals are as nutritious as possible. Chronic conditions, like diabetes and cardiovascular disease, develop over time, often many years. So, supporting good nutrition, even when you're in good health, can set you up for a lifetime of health and longevity.

What kind of health conditions do you help treat?

Our national network of registered dietitians are clinically trained in medical nutrition therapy. This means they are licensed to support any condition using nutrition. Some of the more common conditions include heart conditions, diabetes, cancer, digestive disorders like Celiac or irritable bowel disease, and obesity.

How will this program work with my other providers or care management team?

Working with a dietitian is a wonderful addition to any care management team. We'll work to understand your current medications and protocols alongside your goals and develop a nutrition plan that can fit seamlessly into your routine. Since good nutrition is at the core of good health, addressing this is critical step towards better health.
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About Registered Dietitians

What is the difference between a dietitian and a nutritionist?

Remember: a square is a rectangle but a rectangle is not a square? Similarly, a dietitian is a nutritionist but a nutritionist is not a dietitian. A registered dietitian is the only clinically trained and licensed nutrition professional recognized nationally. They complete at least 4 years of school, 1200 internship hours, a national credentialing exam, and maintain continuing education. In contrast, there are no national qualifications to become a nutritionist. States have varying licensing and regulation requirements, while some states have no requirements. We choose registered dietitians to ensure the most credible nutrition guidance is available to you.

What areas can a dietitian help me with?

Dietitians can help you with almost anything food and nutrition related. Whether you are trying to lose weight in a healthy and sustainable way, save money on groceries, fuel up for a big marathon, or find ways to get your kids to enjoy eating healthy, a dietitian will have solutions for you. They are also experts in how diet plays a role in chronic conditions and can help you prevent and manage things like diabetes, irritable bowel syndrome, and hypertension, just to name a few.

What can I expect during a dietitian visit?

Dietitians are trained to help problem-solve and work alongside you to create attainable, realistic health and nutrition goals and an action plan to reach them. They’ll start your initial consultation by asking about your current health goals, eating habits, medical/family history, food preferences, cooking skills, and more, to get a full picture of who you are and how they can set you up for success. With this information, they can help you create small, achievable goals and help to keep you accountable! During follow-up consultations, you will check in on progress, dive deeper into your goals, and find solutions for any problems you may have.

Do dietitians tell me what to eat during our consultation?

RDs will never tell you what to eat. Instead, they will listen to your lifestyle and preferences to make recommendations that will help you reach your goals. For example, if you have a goal of reducing your cholesterol, they may recommend you eat more fiber. Instead of just giving you a list of “high fiber foods” and sending you on your way, they’ll discuss with you your favorite veggies, fruits, whole grains, nuts, and seeds, and how you can realistically implement them into your diet to boost your fiber! They can also provide supporting recipes, menu plans, or meal/snack ideas from the Foodsmart app to further help you.

How much is a visit with a dietitian? Does my insurance cover it?

Visits with a dietitian are often partially, or even fully, covered by your health insurance.

How do I schedule a visit with a dietitian?

There are a few ways you can schedule a virtual nutrition visit!

  1. Schedule a visit online here
  2. Call (844) 741-1888

If you have already completed a visit and have the Foodsmart app, book your follow-up visits on the here.

Do I only meet with a dietitian once? Or multiple times?

You can meet with your dietitian as many times as your plan allows. To learn more about your plan, contact or call 415-800-2311.

Do dietitians specialize in certain areas?

Yes! Dietitians can specialize in many different fields; everything from weight management, diabetes, plant-based eating, gut health, disordered eating, prenatal and pediatrics, and sports. Seeing a specialized dietitian may benefit you if you have a specific issue, such as celiac disease, or are training for a marathon, however, all RDs have a wide range of knowledge and can help you no matter what your health journey is!

Do your dietitians speak other languages?

We have dietitians who speak a variety of languages, primarily English and Spanish, though we are always looking to expand our team to be able to best support as many people as possible.

How long is a dietitian visit?

Dietitian visits are either 30 or 60 minutes to allow ample time to assess where you are currently, talk through concerns, and create a plan.

How long will I have to wait for an appointment?

We have the largest national network of dietitians to help ensure there is always someone available for you. Typically you can schedule the appointment with your dietitian a week in advance so you won't have to wait long to start your journey.

How can my dietitian help with things like mood, focus, and sleep?

What we put into our bodies impacts how it functions. Your dietitian is clinically trained to understand how nutrients impact biological functions and can recommend certain foods, nutrients, or patterns of eating that have been proven to support better sleep or mental function.
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About The Foodsmart App

How does Foodsmart help me save time?

Having a clear plan is the key to saving time in the kitchen, and that’s where we come in. Our dietitians will help you craft a custom meal plan to help you stay on track throughout the week. When you know what your meals are, it makes grocery shopping, meal prepping, and cooking, much faster and easier! Speaking of grocery shopping, the Foodsmart app allows you to add the ingredients from your meal plan directly to your grocery list, and order for delivery directly through our partners at Amazon Fresh, Walmart, and Instacart – saving members about 2 hours each week!

How does Foodsmart help me save money?

We know eating well can get expensive, but thankfully, Foodsmart members save an average of 34% per grocery order. How do they do this? First, your dietitian will talk to you about your grocery budget and identify areas where you can swap for cheaper alternatives. They know how to get the best bang for your buck in the kitchen! There are also a few features in the Foodsmart app that can help you trim down your costs:
  • Deals: This feature shows you all of the sales happening at your local grocery stores so you know what to look for while you’re shopping.
  • CookItNow: If you ever feel like you have nothing to eat, despite having a fridge full of food, this feature will help you take the ingredients you have on hand and create a healthy meal. This saves your wallet and food waste!
  • Cost Filter: When you browse our recipes, you can set your price range so we only show you recipes within your budget.
  • Grocery Comparison: Using our built-in grocery ordering system you can compare prices for individual items, and your entire list, across all of your local stores to make sure you get the best prices.

What do I use the Foodsmart app for?

The Foodsmart app is the perfect complement to your virtual visits with your dietitian. With thousands of healthy recipes, a meal planner, automatic grocery list, integrations with Grubhub, Amazon Fresh, Walmart, and Instacart, and so much more, our app will help you make healthy habits that stick.

How do I get access to the Foodsmart app? How much does it cost?

During your initial visit with your registered dietitian, you will get set up with the Foodsmart app. The cost of the app is included with your visit, so you will have free access as long as you continue to meet with your RD.

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