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Feel your best and save money with Foodsmart and Flexible Services!

Flexible Services is a no-cost resource that provides you with free food and personalized nutrition advice. As an eligible Mass General Brigham Health Plan member, you can meet with a personal nutrition coach — a registered dietitian — at no-cost. A Foodsmart nutrition coach can help you get food on the table and reach your health goals while sticking to your budget. Get started by scheduling a phone call with a Foodsmart nutrition coach. This is paid for by Mass General Brigham Health Plan for eligible members.
If you would like to talk to a Foodsmart support member about this program, please call 508-500-8898.
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Here is how it works:

Step 1: Book your first no-cost phone visit with a Foodsmart nutrition coach.
Step 2: During your first visit your nutrition coach will screen you for services such as weekly food boxes, medically tailored meals, and food cards to use for healthy fruits & vegetables.
Step 3: Your nutrition coach will provide you with a personalized plan that considers your health history, budget, food preferences and your health goals.
Step 4: Follow your personalized plan and use the Foodsmart app for day-to-day support: find budget-friendly recipes, use the food ordering tools, and take advantage of local coupons.
Step 5: Continue to meet with your nutrition coach to celebrate your success and modify your plan if needed.
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Foodsmart?

Foodsmart is a personal nutrition program that helps members create a nutrition plan that fits their health and wellness goals, and budget. We offer members a simple solution to managing their health and reaching their nutrition goals.Foodsmart connects members with their own registered dietitian, a nutrition expert who is licensed to support members with common medical conditions, individuals who need help finding affordable food, and members who are just looking for support in making healthier choices. Foodsmart's digital app helps members with meal planning, shopping on a budget, and food delivery.

What can a dietitian help me with?

Foodsmart’s registered dietitians can guide members through any health or wellness concern —from chronic condition management to healthier eating habits. Foodsmart provides best-in-class situational nutritional support by helping members stay on track to meet their goals and sharing their expertise along the way.

How will this program work with my other providers or care management team?

Working with a dietitian is a wonderful addition to any care management team. Your dietitian will work to understand your current medications, practices and goals, then develop a nutrition plan that can fit easily into your routine.