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Nutrition Coaching Covered by Healthfirst

Earn $25 with your Foodsmart Nutrition Benefit.

As a Healthfirst member, you can meet with a personal nutrition coach at no cost to you from the comfort of your home. Your nutrition coach will help you create a plan that's unique to your health goals and budget, help you save money on groceries, apply for SNAP benefits, and more.
Get $25 in grocery money when you complete your first visit with a nutrition coach over the phone!
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What to Expect at Your First Visit

Eating well doesn't have to be difficult or time consuming. With Foodsmart, you’ll gain a partner to guide you on your journey to better nutrition and help you create a budget-friendly meal plan that meets your health goals. Your dietitian is clinically trained to support your unique needs, including managing medical conditions like high blood pressure, weight loss diabetes, and more. Book your first visit today!

Your Foodsmart Benefits

Depending on your insurance coverage, your Foodsmart benefits will include:
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Telehealth Visits

Virtual appointments with your own personal nutrition coach for as little as $0 depending on your copay and plan.
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Members on your health plan can also participate in appointments with a personal nutrition coach.
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Children can see a nutritionist. (A parent must be present for children under 14.)
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Foodsmart App

Access to Foodsmart's app filled with thousands of recipes customized to your nutrition goals.

Our Dietitians in New York

Foodsmart has the largest national network of registered dietitians, including a network of dietitians credentialed with Healthfirst in New York. Whether you want help losing weight, managing a chronic condition, or saving money on groceries, our dietitians have you covered. Find a dietitian that fits your needs and schedule a virtual appointment with them today!

How does Foodsmart work?


Meet your personal nutrition coach. Schedule a phone call or video visit.

Browse our network of New York dietitians to find a nutrition coach you connect with. When you're ready to book, select who you'd like to meet with. During your first visit, make sure to ask your nutrition coach about the available nutrition programs that can help you reach your goals. They'll also help you set up the Foodsmart app for day-to-day support.
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Customize your plan with delicious meals to meet your goals.

Work with your dietitian to plan your meals from thousands of chef-inspired recipes. Sort by your dietary preferences, budget, and ingredients you already have on hand with our Cookitnow feature.
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Order food for delivery or pickup.

Save an average of $42 per week on groceries through local grocery deals, coupons, and food delivery tools. Order groceries for pickup or delivery directly in the app from Walmart, Amazon Fresh, or Instacart. Look out for the "avocado" icon to indicate healthy options.
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See results and get ongoing support.

Regular check-ins with your dietitian will help you stay on track and allow you to adjust your nutrition plan as you go, so you can be your best you.
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We've helped our 1.5 million members make eating well simple

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My dietitian took the time to hear and understand my specific goals. She helped me immensely with my nutrition and eating schedule, something I've been struggling with for years.”
Ryan C.

Ryan C.

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I was able to give my dietitian my blood test results and she was able to really hone in and give me a plan for what actually works well for my body.”
Nicole K.

Nicole K.

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I’ve seen significant improvements in my health since I’ve started using the Foodsmart app.”
Kady H.

Kady H.

12 Week Nutrition Programs

We have a variety of 12-week nutrition programs designed to provide you with the foundation you need to succeed. Along the way, you'll learn long-term skills and habits to help you reach your goals. Each program can be customized to suit your needs and preferences. To enroll, simply schedule a visit with a dietitian and mention the name of the program you're interested it. They'll take it from there. It's that simple!
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Healthy Weight Program
Tired of one-size-fits-all approaches and diets that don't work? Your dietitian will craft a custom 12-week program that teaches you new skills and habits to help you reach your goals.
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Diabetes Program
Proper nutrition is an integral part of managing diabetes, and Foodsmart is here to help. We've helped 39% of members with diabetes improve their blood sugar levels, and we can help you, too.
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Chronic Kidney Disease
When you're managing CKD, diet is your biggest tool to slow progression. In this program, your dietitian will help you find kidney-friendly foods so you can feel your best.
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Heart Health Program
Whether you're managing a chronic condition — like hypertension or high cholesterol — or you're recovering from a heart event, affordable, heart-smart nutrition that's unique to you is vital to your health. We can help.
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Foodsmart?

Foodsmart is a personal nutrition program that helps members create a custom nutrition plan tailored to their unique health and wellness goals, and budget. We offer members a simple solution to managing their health and accomplishing their nutrition goals.

Foodsmart connects members with their own registered dietitian, a clinically-trained nutrition expert who is licensed to support common medical condition — like heart conditions, diabetes, cancer, digestive disorders like Celiac or irritable bowel disease, and obesity — with nutrition. Foodsmart's digital app helps members with meal planning, shopping on a budget, and food delivery.

How can a nutrition coach help me?

A nutrition coach can help you...
-Apply for SNAP benefits -Plan healthy, delicious meals for the whole family within your budget -Lose weight and maintain a healthy weight for you -Manage and treat chronic conditions, like diabetes and heart disease -Set up the Foodsmart app to find local grocery deals, explore delicious recipes, and schedule food delivery

Is Foodsmart covered by my health plan?

Yes! As a Healthfirst member, you have access to unlimited visits with a Foodsmart nutrition coach plus helpful money saving tools at at no cost ($0) to you.You may also schedule unlimited follow-up appointments free of charge with your Healthfirst insurance plan.

What happens during my first nutrition coaching appointment?

Your dietitian will start your first visit by asking about your current health goals, eating habits, medical/family history, food preferences, cooking skills, and more, to get a full picture of who you are and how they can set you up for success. From there, you'll create small, achievable goals and work with your nutrition coach to stay on-track!

During follow-up consultations, you will check in on progress, dive deeper into your personalized goals, and get help with any challenges you encounter along the way.

Ready to get started?

Call to schedule a visit with a dietitian:
(844) 741-1888
We want to help you achieve better health through nutrition. Take the first step and schedule a visit today.