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We work with Medicaid populations nationwide to make eating well affordable and accessible, improve food insecurity, and create lasting change in communities.
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Take The First Step to Health Equity

Foodsmart creates lasting and sustainable change in Medicaid communities by tackling the root causes of food and nutrition insecurity. We provide members with personalized guidance and access to affordable healthy food options. In turn, we see improved food and nutrition security, more health equity, and better engagement and enrollment. It all starts with our registered dietitians who offer nutrition counseling and help determine whether members are eligible for SNAP and, if so, help them get enrolled. Members can set goals and learn them how to achieve them. In between appointments, members can stick to their plan with meal planning and grocery ordering with online grocers that accept EBT/SNAP. Foodsmart reduces food costs sustainably without any additional spend by Medicaid plans through grocery basket price comparisons and SNAP enrollment. Ultimately, Foodsmart creates lasting behavior change that leads to clinically validated health improvements and reduced costs related to chronic conditions.

Proven Medical Cost Savings

Our matched pair claims studies with Medicaid and Exchange members across Chorus Community Health Plan and Umpqua Health have demonstrated $33 PMPM savings. By addressing the root cause of chronic conditions and nutrition insecurity, we jointly generated savings from decreased prescription costs, fewer ED visits, and fewer inpatient visits.

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Foodsmart is a product members love, as evidenced by our NPS of 86, that helps retain and grow your Medicaid population.

Foodsmart is a product members love, as evidenced by our NPS of 86, that helps retain and grow your Medicaid population.

Foodsmart is a product members love, as evidenced by our NPS of 86, that helps retain and grow your Medicaid population.
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Foodsmart is a product members love, as evidenced by our NPS of 86, that helps retain and grow your Medicaid population.
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42% of food insecure members become food secure in 6 months.
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Members save ~34% on each grocery order and save up to 2 hours each week on meal planning and buying groceries.

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In a recent matched pair controlled claims analysis with Chorus Community Health Plan, Foodsmart demonstrated significant cost savings amongst both Medicaid and Exchange members by helping to improve their food access and affordability, overall nutrition and related health outcomes.
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How it works

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Meet with a registered dietitian via telehealth

Members work with a dietitian to define health goals and create a personalized plan. Dietitians assess food insecurity status and get eligible members enrolled in SNAP. Then, members get set up on our mobile and web-based app so they have day-to-day support.
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Create personalized meal plan

Members choose from thousands of recipes based on the dietary restrictions, preferences, and budget for themselves and their families. They, they create a meal plan and transfer ingredients to their grocery cart.
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Deliver food right to your door

Members can order groceries for pickup or delivery directly in the app - Walmart, Amazon Fresh, or Instacart. If they're short on time? They can grab food from a local restaurant with Grubhub and use the "avocado" icon to find healthy options. Members can also access medically tailored meals.
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Monthly check-ins

With regular check-in's with a registered dietitian, members stay on track and adjust as they go to maximize results.

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Meet Kelly!

Kelly is a Foodsmart customer through CDPHP who has created lasting change in her life. Kelly is balancing Type 2 Diabetes and reducing her cost and dependency on medication by using food as medicine.

Member Enrollment & Engagement

We know enrolling and engaging with Medicaid members can be difficult. Foodsmart’s marketing team partners with Medicaid plans to do the heavy lifting where we develop a customized marketing strategy, including in-person fliers with food discounts, outbound calls leveraging existing systems such as IVR and SMS texting (where allowed), community food bank engagement, and more. Plus, we share this contact information with you to help you improve your other marketing efforts.
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Program Features

  • Expert nutrition guidance from a national network of Registered Dietitians
  • Nutrition assessment (NutriQuiz®) based on National Institute of Health and USDA to identify food insecurity and nutrition deficiencies
  • Guided SNAP enrollment and SNAP integrated grocery ordering
  • Customized meal planning and recipes for your members and their families based on dietary preferences
  • Grocery price comparison tool, leading to consistent savings on grocery orders
  • CookItNow feature so members can save money by cooking recipes with ingredients they already have
  • Grocery delivery with integrated partners like Walmart, Amazon Fresh, and Instacart
  • Restaurant menu guidance, delivery and takeout ordering with Grubhub
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