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Health Plan Nutrition Benefits

From our work with Commercial, Medicaid, and Medicare members, we know that every population has different needs, which is why we design custom solutions that help you improve member health and satisfaction.
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What is Foodsmart?

At Foodsmart, we work directly with your members to improve health outcomes and provide accessible, educational and affordable solutions to eating well. Members will work one on one with a registered dietitian to assess their needs and build a personalized meal plan to help them reach their goals. We'll consider chronic conditions, allergies, preferences, and household size and income to create the perfect meal plan for every member. The meal plans can then be purchased and delivered right from the app with partners like Walmart+ or Instacart to help members save time and money.

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Health Plan Programs

We cater to a number of unique health plan populations including; Medicaid, Medicare Advantage & Commercial populations.

Foodsmart is a product members love, as evidenced by our NPS of 86, that helps retain and grow your Medicaid population.

Foodsmart is a product members love, as evidenced by our NPS of 86, that helps retain and grow your Medicaid population.

Foodsmart is a product members love, as evidenced by our NPS of 86, that helps retain and grow your Medicaid population.
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Commercial Insurance

We leverage our experience with over 500 employers today to provide solutions based on your FI or SI members. We can work with your sales teams to position the product appropriately to your book of business to maximize retention & sales. Our product can range from delivering general population health, to addressing food insecurity, to reversing specific chronic conditions.
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Medicaid Populations

We have adjusted our product specifically to serve Medicaid members, by meeting regulatory requirements and introducing features to maximize member engagement and support. We leverage our retail partners to use online grocery delivery with SNAP integration to address food deserts and food insecurity. Our Registered Dietitians can take appointments via phone and help your members set up accounts and create food insecurity solutions.
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Medicare Advantage

We work with you to incorporate our telehealth nutrition benefits appropriately for bid submissions, especially around supplemental benefits, healthy food cards, and medically tailored meals so that you can provide these solutions from one source. Our Medicare Advantage food benefits and telehealth benefits meet all Medicare Advantage regulatory requirements.

Food As Medicine

Foodsmart is rooted in science and backed by numerous clinical, peer-reviewed publications. You can see the evidence in our solution. Our research team, led by MDs and PhDs, applies top epidemiological standards and has partnered with several research institutions to conduct studies. Explore a number of our clinical research studies and ask your sales rep about how we can incorporate value-based care into your plan today.
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How It Works

Expert Guidance

Telehealth visits with dietitians

Supportive Digital Environment

Meal planning, groceries, and food delivery

Long-Term Results

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How it works

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Meet with a registered dietitian via telehealth

Members work with a dietitian to define health goals and create a personalized plan. Dietitians assess food insecurity status and get eligible members enrolled in SNAP. Then, members get set up on our mobile and web-based app so they have day-to-day support.
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Create personalized meal plan

Members choose from thousands of recipes based on the dietary restrictions, preferences, and budget for themselves and their families. Then, they create a meal plan and transfer ingredients to their grocery cart.
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Deliver food right to your door

Members can order groceries for pickup or delivery directly in the app - Walmart, Amazon Fresh, or Instacart. If they're short on time, they can grab food from a local restaurant with Grubhub and use the "avocado" icon to find healthy options. Members can also access medically tailored meals.
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Monthly check-ins

With regular check-in's with a registered dietitian, members stay on track and adjust as they go to maximize results.

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We're happy to answer any questions and give you more information about how we may be able to support your population!
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Frequently Asked Questions

How does Foodsmart help members with food insecurity?

We believe that eating healthy should be simple, affordable, and accessible to all people. This means that we must tackle the food insecurity epidemic that is plaguing many of our communities. Our dietitians are trained to help members find healthy foods that fit within their unique budget, utilize Foodsmart tools to save an average of 34% on grocery orders, and even sign up for SNAP benefits. Our proven results show that 42% of food insecure members become food secure within 6 months.

Do Foodsmart members actually see improvements in their health?

Yes! Foodsmart members see great improvements in their overall health after meeting with our dietitians. Here are just a few of our clinically validated, peer reviewed results:33% of members with obesity lose at least 5% of body weight39% of members with diabetes improve their blood sugar levels33% of members with hypertension achieve control of their blood pressure 

What is the ROI of having Foodsmart as a benefit to our members?

Based on a national health plan claims analysis, health plans that offer Foodsmart to their subscribers see a $40/member/month savings.

How does Foodsmart integrate with a health plan's existing programs?

Foodsmart works with all types of health plans and has clients who serve Medicaid, Medicare, and commercial members. This includes working with plans serving LTSS and SNP members.